8 Replies to “Strand 3”

  1. You achieve amazing results when you invert a photo like this! have you added any other effects?

  2. Thank you, Paddy. I just did the single digital effect. The result hinges on the inherent qualities of the original photographic image – the shades, colours, and lightness configuration. I tried to repeat the same effect on similar subjects from earlier photographs but it did not work because the lighting was all different.

  3. These are very beautiful shell pictures. Where was this strand?  You must be a kindred spirit.Must get on with my seaweed picture.   But does the world really need another seaweed and pink lichen painting?Best wishesAngela

  4. More like the remains of a seafood supper! There were thick carpets of living mussels of all sizes covering the rocks in this Gower place as well as accumulations of empty shells.

  5. Thank you, Angela.
    Although I have chosen the title “Strand”, perhaps I should have said “Stranded” because strand, as it is generally understood to be a line of debris parallel to the waterline on a beach, does not quite describe the location. The photographs were taken on the Worms Head Causeway in Rhossili Bay where the rocks provide an excellent habitat for extensive colonies of mussels. The living mussels settle, generation upon generation, in thick layers as well as nestling into cracks and crevices everywhere. Anyone walking from the headland over to Worms Head will have to walk over these spongy carpets of mussels. In hollows between the limestone outcrops, empty shells of all sorts have drifted and accumulated. It is these mostly empty shells that appear in the images.
    As for your question “does the world need another seaweed and pink lichen painting?” the answer must be a resounding “YES” when it is one of your wonderful paintings, Angela. Everyone should look at your rock pool pictures at Angela Gladwell.

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