Water Patterns at St Peter Port

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Natural patterns of reflected light on water ripples

Fleeting patterns of reflected light on wind-driven ripples across the surface of the seawater in St Peter Port Harbour on Guernsey in the Channel Islands make natural abstract designs in never-ending variations.

14 Replies to “Water Patterns at St Peter Port”

  1. You are so good at patterns – in so many materials (though that’s not the right word!) and so many locations.


  2. Hi Jessica, These images are beautiful. I am often mesmerized by water movement and patterns and find them really satisfying to shoot. You’ve done a great job with this series.


  3. Love these Jessica…keep looking at them! Made me think of block printing and textiles//have you ever interpreted images using block printing methods..?


  4. Thank you, Jan. Block printing sounds a great idea. Although I have often thought I would like to use my images as the basis for artworks, I have never really got round to it, and I am not sure how I would start. However, I believe a fair number of textile artists and other crafts people have found ideas for their work in my photographs.


  5. Thank you, Susan. I am fascinated by the beauty and transience of these rapidly moving water patterns, and I am fortunate that my latest camera is able to capture the ephemeral designs in split second timing at full zoom. It doesn’t always work because of the slight delay between pressing the button and the shutter opening – the patterns change with such rapidity.


  6. Patterns that form on water are so relaxing! Just been down to the sea this evening in Jersey just across from Guernsey and stood for ages looking at the ever changing view


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