6 Replies to “Frosty Leaves”

  1. Thank you, Hedwigia. They were enormous crystals(for my part of the world anyway). I was lucky to capture the images because the ice was just starting to melt. I should have got up earlier.

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  2. You are right. I often wake and start the day very early but unfortunately I rarely get myself together sufficiently to go out of doors till later. Luckily, I have great views from my windows and I delight in capturing the changing moods of the day and the season from the comfort of my living room.


  3. The weather tends to be mild here in Dorset and we usually avoid the extremes but this little hollow with the leaves held onto the hard frost long enough for me to get out and photograph them. I think the crystals would have been sharper and clearer if I had got there an hour earlier.


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