I just went for a short walk today before the sun went down and saw these delightful bracket fungi on the rotting stump of a huge old beech tree that was felled next to the village cricket ground a few years ago. I think the small striped ones are Trametes versicolor which I have seen before – but not with the lovely blue colours – maybe it was only a trick of the fading light.

8 Replies to “Bracket Fungi”

  1. The name “Versicolor” indicates that it comes in different colors. But maybe you discovered a new species 😉


  2. You are right, this species comes in a variety of colour combinations, and blue is one on the colours – but it is not a very common one in these parts. It is the first time I have seen any like that in over thirty years.


  3. It was an interesting group. I must go back and have another look, it’s only a few moments walk from where I live. There was more than one species present – although these little ones were the most colourful.


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