Fish crashing through a wall in Portland, Oregon, USA

Just for fun, a few pictures of animal art and sculpture that I randomly photographed while visiting Eugene, Yachats, and Portland in Oregon on the north-west Pacific Coast of America. With the exception perhaps of the parrot, they reflect the widespread appreciation of the rich wildlife of the region.

6 Replies to “Animal Art in Oregon”

  1. Wow, some really imaginative art! I like the fish ‘built into’ the house. A friend of ours has produced a similar sculpture, of a shark’s head, which is adorning a building somewhere in Yorkshire, I think. I love the door handles too.


  2. Brilliant collection of images. Some great artwork there – difficult to pick a favourite, but the salmon bursting through the brickwork is very impressive!


  3. It’s fun recording the ways in which nature is used in artwork. That driftwood elephant was really just a bit of driftwood in a stream that I thought looked like an elephant – so I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder, nature merges into art.


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