Stormy seas at Burry Holms in June

Photographed today at Rhossili Beach on Gower Peninsula in South Wales, this video clip shows the beautiful weather we are having this June – and proves I am no ‘fair weather’ naturalist. The sea was a maelstrom which even the keenest of surfers did not enter. The waves were driven with such force against the rocks of Burry Holms that they seemed to explode into giant clouds. It was fantastic to be there.

[I could barely stand upright in the wind so there is some camera wobble. It was pouring as well so I had to keep wiping the lens; and you can hear the rain drops falling in the camera even with the thunderous roar of the waves.]


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2 Replies to “Stormy seas at Burry Holms in June”

  1. Me, too. I wish I could have stayed to see what treasures would have been brought up on the high tide line. During the worst of the weather at Rhossili the most noticeable feature was the natural pattern and movement of sea foam being driven across the sandy beach.


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