Rhossili pebbles: Assortment of pebbles from Rhossili on the Gower Penisula with a common coarse-grained sandy textured, smooth flattened shape, and subtle colours of grey, beige and pink; possibly Millstone Grit from the Upper Carboniferous Period.

A selection of pebbles from Rhossili Beach: rounded but flattened, with a coarse sandy texture, and in subtle shades of grey, beige and pink, displayed on a sea-green glazed plate. I think these might all be derived from Millstone Grit rock which is part of the Carboniferous Period strata which make up the  landward portion of the Gower Peninsula. I am thinking that they could all have been washed around the coastline from their point of origin, or even brought to the tip of the peninsula by the action of the ice sheets that once almost entirely covered Gower.


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