Chesil Beach waves on a calm day – video clip


Chesil Beach on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast makes a magnificent sight with its huge bank of graded pebbles. However, the quality of the experience on a visit to Chesil Beach is auditory as well as visual.

Viewing this short movie clip with the sound switched off, the waves have a simple hypnotic, somewhat tantalising, effect as you wait for the appearance of each new embryonic wave crest to emerge and crash…….

…….but turn the volume full up on this video and you will get some idea of the noise generated, even on a calm day, by the sea on the pebble beach – the crash of the waves on the shore and the following  tremendous scraunching sound as the pebbles are dragged, rubbing and scraping against each other, back towards the sea by the receding waves. On rougher days, the noise can be totally overwhelming.

2 Replies to “Chesil Beach waves on a calm day – video clip”

  1. Unfortunately, not, Ian. Nothing but the hardest of objects would survive the pounding of those pebbles – even the survivors show percussion marks.


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