Wheat Field - a digitally altered photograph (3)

Fields of crops surround my village – wheat, barley, linseed, oats, and oil-seed rape are the most common. Hay meadows are knee-high with grasses of every type. I get a lot of pleasure from watching these plants grow, flower, develop seeds, change shape and colour. I love to look not only at the details of individual growing plants but also to watch the way entire fields sway and ripple in the wind, and form a patchwork pattern in the landscape.

I take a lot of photographs and am interested in digitally modifying them to emphasise different characteristics; sometimes to try and reduce the image down to its essential components, or to try to create an abstract image representing the whole effect rather than the smaller parts.

I thought that the transformation here of the many subtle shades of green to intense primary colours, in images of wheat,  concentrated the focus on details of the individual seed heads and the alignment of the stalks in the field.

Wheat Field - a digitally altered photograph (4)

Wheat Field - a digitally altered photograph (5)

Wheat Field - a digitally altered photograph (6)


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