Beech leaves opening in springtime sunshine

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I see magnificent beech trees from my window. They are the ones that have purple leaves in summer. I have been waiting for the slender leaf buds to start gently unfurling. It’s been a cold spring this year and a long wait … but the magic moment has arrived. Yesterday I went out early when the sun was low and slanting – shining through and bouncing off the newly emerging leaves, fragile and fringed, still with a fine misting of dew. Some nesting one leaf within another, unfolding their fan-like pleats in the warm light, like the straightening and drying of the crumpled wings of a butterfly as it exits the cocoon.  The veining sharply visible in the fresh soft blades. The trees are now clothed in a bright multi-hued haze of pinks and greens sihouetted against the blue sky. Just wonderful.

P.S. Over at Kirkstall Creatures Great and Small, Linda has also been admiring the fantastic leaves on mature beech trees that she passes on her way to work – only her leaves are all green. So, for a different take on the same subject click HERE.


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5 Replies to “Beech leaves opening in springtime sunshine”

  1. A wonderful set of pics of the Copper Beech leaves Jessica. They are magical aren’t they. Ive gathered a few pics of the emerging leaves of Common Beech myself intending to post them at the end of the week. What a lovely description too.


  2. Thank you, Linda. I really look forward to seeing your photographs of the emerging beech leaves. They are so lovely at this time of year.


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