Casting Deep Shade by C. D. Wright

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Beech leaf bud opening in spring. Inspiration for the Miura fold.

This is a picture of beech leaves opening in springtime on one of the magnificent trees that I can see from my window. It is from a post that I wrote a while ago. I am so pleased that this photograph has now been included among the many illustrations in a book called “Casting Deep Shade” by C. D. Wright which is published by Copper Canyon Press.  It is an unusual and fascinating work of poetry and prose all about beech trees. There is a YouTube video showing the book’s construction and layout, with quotations.

My image of the unfurling beech leaves apparently exemplifies a special and important folding technique. The natural way that the beech leaves are arranged in the bud inspired this technique. It is known as the Miura fold.  The Japanese scientist Koryo Miura conceived a way to fold an array of solar panels into a space satellite by mimicking beach leaves unfolding from the bud. The Miura fold is also used, for example, in surgical devices such as stents, and flat-foldable furniture.

2 Replies to “Casting Deep Shade by C. D. Wright”

  1. The way that my photographs have been used over the years is interesting – all sorts of publications and presentations that I know about – not counting their unauthorised use!


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