Bones turn up on the beach from time to time. They are not always from specifically marine animals.  Sheep that graze the salt marshes or cliff tops sometimes come to grief and their remains find their way to the seashore. Occasionally on Gower beaches you can see dead sheep but most frequently it is the bones that are obvious on the sandy strandlines or grassy saltmarsh borders. 



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6 Replies to “Beached bones – sheep”

  1. I looked it up – it’s in the Four Quartets isn’t it. Such sad poetry. It looks as if most of Elliot’s poems mention death and prayers. I will have to spend a little time to read more.


  2. I don’t find it sad, which is odd for a depressive/melancholic I guess.
    I just find it thought provoking. The whole of the Four Quartets drove me nutty enough to write an entire novel based on some of the ideas.
    If you want an antidote to the sadness, read his Old Possum’s book of Practical cats…and laugh out loud!!!


  3. Sad is not necessarily bad. The poetry does make you think. I like the Old Possum – I love cats. I like to laugh but not all the time. Now and again is good.


  4. I’m glad you said that. With my mum, if something is at all sad she rejects it as bad. Music that is sad is classed as miserable…so that covers a huge amount of music I love!
    We need a balance, after all. Too much sugar is bad for the health!
    have a great day!


  5. Some of the most beautiful music is exquisitely sad – like Taverner’s ‘The Protecting Veil’ – do you know that piece?

    Enjoy your day, too, Viv. I hope the sun shines.


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