Odd glass bottles & jars on the beach

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It’s not all booze bottles on the strandlines! There is an amazing array of glass containers, many seeming to have floated here from countries far and wide judging by the writing on the lids. Soft drinks, pickles, food, medicine  – who knows?  The ribbed bottle looks like the sort you used to buy turpentine in. The flattish rectangular one could be cough mixture. Some jars apparently still have remnants of the original contents. They remind me of the ancient pottery uncovered by archaeologists who can analyse the merest burnt-on or engrained deposit and tell you what people in the past were eating. Maybe these jars and bottles are the artefacts that will be excavated in the distant future to tell our descendants about our lives in the early 21st century.



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2 Replies to “Odd glass bottles & jars on the beach”

  1. Rhossilli beach is great for finding bottles and jars as when you look at these alot have come all the way from France and Spain if you study the writing on them. I still have a French mustard glass made by a company called Amora that has a cartoon called Titeuf on that i found on this beach in 2006.


  2. Thank you for the information, Mike. Have you discovered the site ‘Sea Glass Lovers’ where people are fantastically interested in all glass including bottles and jars that wash ashore and are really avid collectors of glass of all sorts? Members post pictures of a wide range of glass things and fragments from all over the world – well worth signing on and becoming a member to see what they find.


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