Empty Flat Oyster shells on the beach (9)

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Six shells of the British Native Oyster or European Flat Oyster (Ostrea edulis Linnaeus) as they were found on the wet sand of Rhossili beach in Gower – both sides shown. They demonstrate how variable the shells of this species can be and how the the effect of the marine environment in which they developed is recorded in the structure of the shell – a fact which is potentially of enormous value in making interpretations from archaeological oyster shells regarding the origins and way this marine resource was exploited.

For more about Flat Oyster shells click Oyster Variations.


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3 Replies to “Empty Flat Oyster shells on the beach (9)”

  1. The slide show worked fine and was very impressive. The colors of the oyster shells reminded me of your recent photographs of worn painted wood (blue) and oxidized metal. Echoes everywhere.


  2. Thank you for letting me know. I appreciate that. I thought the WordPress slide show format was less successful than earlier ones I had posted where you could change the background colour, add labels, and change the presentation format and speed of delivery – that software was provided by some other organisation. Although this slide show worked, I think I may re-do it to make it look a bit better if I have time.


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