Aspects of Rhossili Bay – looking north (1)

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View of Rhossili Bay, Gower, looking north through a window in Rhossili Coastguard Cottage 0930 hours 18th February 2009. The vista is calm and tranquil; the tide looks as if it is on the way in; a little overcast but the day has only just begun; the sun just recently above the horizon; the colours muted and pleasantly neutral; and the beach deserted.

Rhossili Bay has many faces. It changes appearance with the time of day, the state of tide, the prevailing weather conditions, and the season of the year. It is a constant surprise. I have taken to photographing the view northwards -towards the Llangennith Burrows, Burry Holms island and Spaniard Rocks – each time I pass through the gate from Rhossili Village to the steps leading down to the beach. Here is the first selection showing just how changeable this wonderful stretch of sand can be. 

View looking north along Rhossili Bay, Gower, 1138 hours 17th January 2009. An unbelievably brilliant day for the time of year. The sand showing wet as the tide recedes; the low winter sun in the east is hidden behind Rhossili Down and casts a dark shadow over the south end of the beach; at the north end the sun is shining over the low-lying dune system called Llangennith Burrows; lots of white surf resulting from the previous night’s storm; bright blue sky taking over from the clouds on a cold, cold day.

View looking north along Rhossili Bay, 1100 hours 14th February 2009. A slightly dull, misty, overcast day; sea quite high up the beach and the tide just starting to ebb; strange mixture of flat sea with lots of foam generated at the water’s edge; and one or two people on the beach to be followed by many more romantics on this Valentines Day. 

Mid-winter view looking north along Rhossili Bay, Gower, 1211 hours 29th December 2006. A wonderfully awful day; the whole beach and Down swallowed up by cloud; driving wind and rain; bitter cold; wild foaming surf; difficult to even stand up on the seashore; a few crazy people taking their life into their own hands by kite surfing and actually flying over the waves; what tremendous exhilaration!

View looking north along Rhossili Bay, Gower, 1159 hours 19th February 2009. The wide expanse of sand dry but for patches of standing water – mostly where streams come down from the Down; clouds lifting with the promise of more blue sky and sun; even-surfaced sea just gently lapping its way up the shore; not a soul in sight; faint stripes of old strandlines; the beach all to myself for the moment; great!

Below, a springtime view looking north along Rhossili Bay, Gower, 1234 hours 8th April 2009. Promising to be a great day; mostly blue sky with only a narrow band of clouds on the horizon; it has been a very low tide but on the turn now; not a lot of vegetation on the cliffs yet even though it is spring; one or two people already on the sand; can’t wait to get down there myself. 


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