Lady’s Bedstraw at Rhossili Bay

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Lady's Bedstraw, Gallium verum, growing on the sand at the base of Rhossili Down on Rhossili Bay, Gower, South Wales

This year is the first time I have visited Gower in June. I was amazed at the profusion of flowers everywhere – even on the seashores. Lady’s Bedstraw, Galium verum, made bright splashes of yellow colour on the sand at the junction of the soft cliff of Rhossili Down with the beach. This photograph is taken looking northwards along the seashore towards Burry Holms. The fluffy heads of attractive tiny flowers are also subtley perfumed. In the olden days, this flowering plant was dried and added to straw mattresses because of its lasting fragrance. 

Yellow flowers of Lady's Bedstraw, Galium verum, growing on sand at the top of the beach on Rhossili Bay, Gower, South Wales.

 A Post from the Past

2 Replies to “Lady’s Bedstraw at Rhossili Bay”

  1. This is one of a series of old posts written in 2009 and hidden from public view since then. I have been working through and updating these old posts before airing them again. Hence the disparity with the dates. Thought it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to have a bit of colour when everything outside is monochrome with the snow and bare trees.


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