Beachcombings in a blue bowl on my windowsill (1)

Following my post of yesterday on brown twisty things (dried kelp stems), someone commented that these could become the latest thing in home decorative art. Naturally, as someone who loves all things to do with the seashore, I do decorate my own home not only with my photographs but also with bowls, jars and baskets of my beachcombing finds from the strandlines of the Jurassic Coast and Gower shores. So here is my latest arrangement of rope knots and seashells topped with dried twisty kelp stems.

A post from the past [2009]

5 Replies to “A bowl of beachcombings”

  1. Jessica, those colors and textures look great together!

    I try to decorate with a seashore theme in my home too. The color of my living room rug is called ‘Ocean Sand.’ One of the walls in my bedroom is painted a Caribbean blue while the other walls feature numerous maps of islands in warm seas. I love the combination of blues with warm beiges and rust colors as shown in the arrangement in your photo. This is basically a toned down complementary color scheme of blue and orange. It’s warm, refreshing and cozy. Beach finds can be so inspiring.


  2. Thank you so much for your comments. Your home sounds lovely. You are right that there is so much to inspire in the natural world around us. It seems that you live in as beautiful a location as I do – with so many animals, plants and places to appreciate. It just seems natural to breathe it all in and assimilate it into life’s wider experience – as you do through your own beautiful paintings and drawings.


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