Roof-top lichen at Chiswell, Portland

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P1080664a Patchwork of lichen and multi-coloured tiles on a roof top in Chiswell, Portland, Dorset, UK.

What a wonderful patchwork of colour! I spotted this rooftop on a cottage in Chiswell, close to Chesil Cove. It looks as if it has real history. The wind and waves must on occasion be tremendous – battering all the exposed buildings. I can imagine that, when the weather is at its worst, pebbles and debris from the shingle Chesil Bank would be caught up and flung at all in their path – including the houses that face the sea at this point.

The roof seems to have been mended many times as tiles have lifted or been broken in storms. Each time mended using different materials and, each time, the lichen starts up new colonies and creates its own distinctive shapes and designs. The end result is this delightful textural pattern of orange, yellow, pink, red and dark grey.

In Wyke Regis, at the landward end of the causeway to the Isle of Portland, new buildings have been going up apace. Each new building, each new roof providing a fresh opportunity for the lichen that thrives in this clean sea air to settle and grow. Here, below, is a picture of a rather different pattern on one of the new(ish) rooves that I saw as I waited at the bus stop on my way home from my day out on Chesil Beach.

P1080810a Pattern of yellow lichen on a roof top at Wyke Regis, Dorset, UK.


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2 Replies to “Roof-top lichen at Chiswell, Portland”

  1. Hi Jessica! You have such an eye for beauty. On objects typically overlooked. I love receiving your images and reading your blogs. Thank you


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