View of Chesil Beach, Dorset

It was one of those warm hazy days in April – with clouds rolling down from the top of Portland, mist rising up from the salt marsh at Ferry Bridge, and the sun mostly obscured – but nothing could detract from the magnificence of the huge shingle bank known as Chesil Beach. Chesil Cove marks the easternmost end of this massive pebble ridge and is home to the largest stones to be found along its entire length. 

A substantial promenade makes it easy for people of all abilities to enjoy the view. Walking on the large pebbles of the seashore itself can be quite tiring over any distance. I guess the promenade is also a defence structure to protect from encroachment by the sea and the shingle.

Although overcast all day, the pictures in the slideshow (below) will give an idea of this spectacular place – although I found it quite difficult to do the scene justice because of its vast scale. However, in one of the photographs a cloud has cast a highlighting shadow across the ridges or terraces of the beach; you can see how high and broad they are from the size of the people walking, sitting or fishing on them. 

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6 Replies to “Views from Chesil Cove, Portland”

  1. Hi, Chris.
    Chesil Beach is a really incredible natural phenomenon.

    [By the way, have you noticed there is a new response today to your comment on the post Pebbles from Chesil Cove by Viv66]


  2. Hi, Chris,
    My favourite beach is Rhossili in Gower for many, many reasons… and Whiteford Sands comes a very close second. Having said that, there are endlessly varied, beautiful and fascinating beaches with very different things to offer along the Jurassic Coast in Dorset – and I am sure that there are many more seashores in the UK for me yet to discover.


  3. Simply an amazing beach and I really like your blog. It’s something I will start following for sure–Nature being such an integral part of my life and something I try to write up too. I write more poetry, but much has to do with being outdoors and gardening. Actually, I just wrote up a visit to an Island in MD and would love your comments. Very different style than yours…so keep an open mind. You can find it here:


  4. Thank you so much for your kind comments about my blog and pictures. As you will see, I have already visited your own site and commented on your great article about the visit to the beach in MD – looks well worth the long journey to enjoy such a wonderful place.


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