12 Replies to “Rust Textures IDW 1-8”

  1. The manifoldness of those rust textures is really amazing. Oh, just by the way, since we were talking about snow the other day: We had 4 inches of snow today; our official weather forecast isn’t too reliable. πŸ™„

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  2. Thank you, Sandy. Alas, after photographing this large object (about 2 metres diameter) on every visit to that beach for almost 20 years, watching it change over time, it has vanished. I think removed.


  3. I have never been able to find out for certain what this object was the remains of. I have a vague memory of a very long time ago when it was taller with side walls, cylindrical perhaps. I first thought it could be a ship’s boiler but sometimes when the sand level is low you can see that it has a heavy chain attached. So my guess is now that it was once a navigation buoy. The iron walls were about 2 cm thick.

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  4. I believe that the entire object has been removed now. Still, I watched it change over the years and took many pictures. The beach is known for being the resting place of many shipwrecks, and was also used in WW2 for practice bombing. You may have noticed signs advising against digging in the sand. I once saw a bomb disposal team checking the beach or a suspect item. I think it possible that this team removed the giant iron dish for some reason. It seemed to have disappeared on my last visit.

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  5. Thank you, Markus. The rusty patterns and textures seemed to change each time I visited, and sometimes were augmented by bright green surface algae. I have taken many pictures of over the years. It was once a much larger structure. It is fascinating how oxidising iron can breakdown to reveal so many different colours and textures from orange through to blue and purple. Sadly, the giant iron dish and its massive chain seemed to have vanished last time I was there.

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