Cross-section detail of woodgrain in weathered driftwood tree trunk

Wood Texture Driftwood 7-12

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Wood Texture Driftwood 7-12 Natural patterns and texture in a whole tree trunk washed up as driftwood on the beach. It has eroded to the extent that you can see the infra-structure of the wood (it is possible to click to enlarge and see the cellular structure comprising the woodgrain pattern in the close-up pictures).

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  1. I think maybe there are a number of processes going on at the same time. The drying out of the wood is leading to shrinkage, that in turn leads to cracks appearing, both radiating out from the centre and also in circles following the annual growth lines. Each year’s growth is characterised by a band of denser wood from the cold weather and a band of less compact wood from the warmer. There seems to be a tendency for the wood to break along the junctions of the two types of microstructure. But there is a randomness in the places where the breaks appear. There is radial shrinkage over the cross-sectional plane as well as tangential shrinkage along the length of the tree trunk. All seems quite complicated.

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