Beach stones and wet compacted sand on the seashore

Beach Stones & Sand RB 1

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Gale force winds and rough seas heaved sand up the shore to partially cover the multicoloured pebbles and stones at the top of the beach. The sand was still compacted and wet from the outgoing tide but was starting to dry around the edges of the rocks in the strong winds. Rhossili Bay, Gower, South Wales, April 2022.

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  1. Jessica, I love all of your stuff and have followed you for several years. Can you tell me what the purple rocks are? I live in Massachusetts, USA, and purplish rocks on our beaches are usually rhyolite, dolomite, jasper, or quartzite. I wondered what they were on your beaches. Again, thank you for all your interesting posts.

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  2. Hello, Suzan. The darker stones in these pictures are Devonian sandstone, and the similar ones with white inclusions are Devonian conglomerate. These rocks underlie the Carboniferous limestones which are evident all over the Gower peninsula.


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