Dunes at Pembrey 3 Groups of pine trees planted on the dunes nearest to the famous Cefn Sidan Beach in Pembrey Country Park near Llanelli in South Wales, 17 July 2021. The trees were planted to control the movement of loose sand and prevent it from encroaching on agricultural land. The images are reminiscent of the landscapes seen in no-man’s land during the first world war. This may be no coincidence as the site was formerly a bomb factory (pages 17-21) and it is tempting to think that these trees may have really been blasted in some kind of controlled explosions in the past.

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4 Replies to “Dunes at Pembrey 3”

  1. There’s something rather chilling about these pictures. I remember seeing some trees near Canterbury after the hurricane had passed through and many had been damaged like those in your pictures.

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  2. Yes, an unusual occurrence. I have not been able to find out how the trees were damaged. I had not thought about that hurricane in the late 1980’s.


  3. I remember these trees being planted around 40 years ago, and once the forest had matured it was lush and vibrant with light sheens through the branches during summer walks, I visited today, and I was stunned how bare and lifeless that they are. It looked like fire has been through it. It is such a shame that there hasn’t been any regeneration. All that is left is tall dead stalks, which is an absolute shadow of their former days that have made the area so stunning. Considering the revenue that the park generates, its such a shame to lose such a key element through bad maintenance.
    Sorry to jade the thread, but as a local , its a pity to see, and its more like an ecological mess.

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  4. Hello, Mark. Thank you for your comments. Yes, it must be sad to compare what can be seen today with the way it looked when the trees were younger and thriving. I wish that I had had that opportunity to see that. I wonder if there are photographs of the way it all used to look. And I would like to know if there are plans to plant more trees in the near future to regenerate some areas of the park. I only investigated a small part on my visit and enjoyed what I found so I don’t know if all parts are the same.


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