Wasteland 1 – First in a series of pictures of wild flowering plants and grasses growing on wasteland. I have no way of knowing whether they were occurring naturally or were the result of some deliberate seeding to increase biodiversity. There was a wide variety of species, and they looked magnificent. So much food for wildlife. Such a beautiful array of species. – most of which are unfamiliar to me. Photographed on unused reclaimed land by the side of Pipers Walk on the waterfront in Swansea, South Wales, 19 June 2021.

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  1. Hello Jessica,
    Lovely photograph of biodiversity. I look forward to your photographs as they have given me an extra special interest during these difficult times. Nice to see that you are out and about again.
    Kind regards,

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  2. Thank you, Trevor. The variety of these plants growing on a piece or waste ground was incredible. It was also great just to be out and somewhere different the past week. Everything about the trip seemed extra special as it has been such a long time since the last.

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  3. I agree
    Just wish the message had got through to Herefordshire and the people who go out with their ride-on mowers and cut down verges that they do not own. Not that the council is without guilt either. Some, but not all of Wales is a bit better but there is a long way to go before people realise that their cars do not come first in saving the planet. PLANTLIFE is trying to get the message through.

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  4. Hello, Angela. I was surprised by the luxuriant vegetation and wild flowers on roadside margins all along my journey to Swansea. It was an absolute delight. I assume this is the result of restricting mowing and cutting back, along with actually sowing seeds. I have never seen anything like it before. I think the relatively wet and cool Spring has helped too. It is also worrying that some individuals are apparently currently raising objections in my own county to the ‘lack of maintenance of verges and roundabouts’ by the Council who are paid to keep everything neat, tidy and cut short without weeds. How can there be anyone on the planet who does not realise how important it is to promote biodiversity, and how significant a contribution can be made by allowing and encouraging wild plants to grow, flower, and seed in as many places as possible?
    I just looked up the Plantlife site and it is very good. Thank you for the reference.

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