Rocks WHCRB 13-18 Pictures of the Carboniferous Limestone on the seashore at low tide, showing natural arrangement of cracks and gullies, with calcite veins and pockets of haematite. Photographed in April 2017 on the Worm’s Head Causeway at Rhossili Bay in Gower, South Wales.

8 Replies to “Rocks WHCRB 13-18”

  1. Wonderful. In 1980 I began a series of large works inspired by the amazing rock formations on Isle-au-Haut, Maine – part of Acadia National Park. I saw the human form in the rocks and so went back to my then Phila studio and integrated the two elements. I am still working on that series..hence my fascination with rocks. It was also a time on that Island that I understood completely about the ‘interconnection’ of all life. I am so enjoying your series of photographs….thank you. Janet šŸ™‚

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  2. Thank you, Janet. Your experience of the rocks in Acadia National Park and its influence on your work to the present sounds amazing. I actually visited Acadia NP in 2001 and can still visualise what it was like. At the time, I was only just beginning to be seriously interested in nature photography so I did not take the same kind of detailed shots that I do now. Thank you for your interesting and kind comments.

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