Water & Light CRCD 1-3 Natural patterns of reflection on the surface of very fast-flowing water in the Cerne River at Charlton Down in Dorset, 8th March 2021. To the casual glance, the river appears to be sparkling in the sunlight, but a close examination reveals these sparkles are actually made up of intricate and continually changing patterns of reflected blue sky, white clouds and dark over-hanging vegetation.

12 Replies to “Water & Light 1-3 CRCD”

  1. Love these colors. I know from experience how hard it can be to get the right shutter speed to catch a pattern in fast-moving water. You’ve done an excellent job here. So you were able to get out last week; hooray!

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  2. Thank you, Linda. These areas of water surface are sometimes difficult to spot and more difficult to photograph. I have to throw most of the pictures away, and have rarely captured a really clear photograph of them

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  3. Thank you, Annie. I am pleased that my photographs raise your spirits because that is what they do for me. Connecting with nature can be so therapeutic at any time but especially during this past year of lockdowns.


  4. Thank you, John. In this series of shots the speeds vary from 1:320 to 1:500. Maybe they lack resolution because I have not taken pictures at a higher speed – but on the other hand the patterns might not look the same at all at that sort of speed.


  5. Hm…..I have tried to paint things like this and gone a bit mad with the effort. In cases like these I think that the camera is definitely the best tool to use.

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