There are fungi popping up around my village although not in great numbers or in great variety. I think that their relative scarcity may in part be due to all the extra efforts that people have been going to in order to “tidy up” this year. Fungi do like old decaying wood, and they do not thrive when this is cleared away and when the grass is cut frequently right into November. 

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  1. These are all growing on rotting tree stumps. Some of them are supposed to be luminous in the dark. The milky brown velvety ones are Auricularia auricula and thought to look like ears.

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  2. Yes. We also get a mold in our yards here (commonly called “yard vomit” for what it looks like) though that appears in warmer weather usually – that is quite exotic-looking and springs up like the fungi you mention.

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  3. That doesn’t sound very pleasant with a name like that but it shows how much fungi is around in the ground and elsewhere waiting to flourish and create fruiting bodies whenever the conditions are right. It is mostly a hidden fungal world. Have you heard of the book “Entangled Life” by Martin Sheldrake?

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  4. Yes, I have read some excerpts from it, and I love the idea of the hidden interconnected world that these organisms are living in and creating. In a weird kind of way it restores my faith in the ongoing future of earth, with such quiet resilience going on literally under our feet.

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  5. Yes, the future earth and everything in it will change, survive, and evolve, but people may fade out of the picture since the earth does not particularly care for us in preference to any other organisms.


  6. Yes, I have thought about this too. When people talk about the earth being in trouble, they mean, mostly, it’s us that’s in trouble when things change. The earth will still be here. Different, but here, and new hierarchies will arise. In thinking about this, it reminds me of how small I am in the scheme of things, which is not upsetting me, just that it is the way all things in this universe are.

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