Details of a mown field in July at Charlton Down

Daily Walk in Difficult Times 100

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Yesterday evening I said good-bye to the thistles, ragwort, dock, and grasses, with all the butterflies and bees that they attracted, where I have been visiting in recent weeks. The wild field, the one beside the barley with the lone pine, had been mown. This is what the field looked like 10 days ago:

Countryside views near Charlton Down in Dorset

The coronavirus pandemic lockdown is not over. The dangers are still with us. Life will not be back to the way it was any day soon. We are entering the new normal where everyone should be doing their best to minimise the risk of infection to themselves and others – indefinitely. But restrictions are lifting. Even the more vulnerable are getting out and about a bit more – with caution – including myself. Maybe time to think differently about the new situation we find ourselves in. To adapt. To change the way we think about the new lifestyle. So this post marks the end of the series of Daily Walks in Difficult Times. I feel glad that I have been able to take advantage of the lockdown to get outside most days into countryside on my doorstep for fresh air, exercise, and my mental wellbeing.

It has been a wonderful opportunity to observe the details of nature in my immediate neighbourhood unfolding from spring through to summer. The warm weather seems to have brought on growth quickly and early this year. Many plants have already flowered and seeded, and are fading and dying. Farmers are harvesting crops and mowing the fields right now. The landscape is looking different as it undergoes the transition from one season to another. I will still be exploring the outdoor world and recording what I see with my camera; not only near Charlton Down but also hopefully reaching places a little further afield. I am looking forward to safely visiting new locations with my camera.

14 Replies to “Daily Walk in Difficult Times 100”

  1. Jessica, thank you for all your 100 posts it has been a delight receiving them and seeing your view of the seasons and nature – very inspiring. Keep safe and well at these difficult times. Kindest regards, Tony

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  2. Such a shame to see all the beautiful flowers disappear, but I can understand that the farmers need to mow their fields. Hope your adventures further from home keep you safe. I have enjoyed seeing your daily walks.

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  3. I have enjoyed this series so much, Jessica, both for what you’ve shown us and what you’ve told us. Just to know that you’ve been taking daily walks in these difficult times is inspiring. And I’ve liked seeing more of where you live. Take care; keep shooting; keep blogging.

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  4. Thanks, Andy. Yes, you are right. It is quite a challenge to keep safe. Many people are not social distancing at all or making allowances for those who want to. I had to go to Weymouth last week and although some people were wearing masks and considerate of others spatially, most did not and were not. Moving along involved a lot of stepping aside and detours in the streets. The beach wasn’t too bad but it was a very dull day and had not attracted so many visitors. Poor light for photography too.

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  5. I hope you keep some version of what you have been doing. Finding the details in a restricted area that you visit over and over, I really enjoy it as sort of a visual diary of the passing of the seasons.

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  6. I will continue to visit my neighbourhood regularly and add to the spring and summer pictures with autumn and winter. I did think about doing a photobook for myself bringing it all together.

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  7. I love that idea. Your posts have been a lifeline to me. The sense of peace and continuity and future have meant more than you know. As things continue to go out of control here in the US I feel truly afraid of how it will end for us and your posts really help me stay in one piece myself.

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  8. Thank you so much, Claudia. I had no idea that my posts could have that effect on anyone. I am glad that they have been helpful for you. It does continue to be a difficult time because of the virus. I hear how it is in other parts of the world. There is a need to be very cautious but not lose hope. Take care, Claudia.

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