11 Replies to “Daily Walk in Difficult Times 94”

  1. The degree of ripening of the barley varies depending on the location in the field. The sun was in and out all the time as clouds moved overhead. This all made for different colour regimes in different places at different times. At the edge of the field the crop was less ripe and the stalks were naturally yellow-green or blue-green while those further into the field were yellow or golden. I also experimented with different camera settings which changed the intensity with which the colours were recorded.

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  2. Thank you, Philip. No, I have not but I think I have seen a photo of them if they are the pink ones. Why are opium poppies being grown here?


  3. Thank you, Philip. That is very interesting. I had no idea it was being grown for medicinal purposes in England. Lovely article in the link. It would be good to go and see it myself one year. Like most, I haven’t been venturing far this year.


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