Upper wing surfaces of the Comma Butterfly

Daily Walk in Difficult Times 85

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It has been so hot here in Dorset the last couple of days. I have been mostly keeping in the shade and the cool. I’ve only made a few brief outings into the heat. I went out for a short walk to the local nature reserve last evening and there were lots of insects about. I was surprised to see several types of butterfly, including this beautiful Comma Butterfly (Polygonia c-album) resting on a leaf. I was able to photograph it from several angles to show the colourful upper surface of the wing, the darker under surface with the characteristic white C mark, and also a view with the sun shining through the wings from behind.

15 Replies to “Daily Walk in Difficult Times 85”

  1. Fantastic photos – and very Dorset! I’ve been trying to photograph bees on poppies. It’s just not working. Even the fanning of their wings makes the petals flutter when they are coming in to land. And once they are on the flower they wriggle like mad. Nothing any good yet!

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  2. I can tell how much you are enjoying being out and about again, and soaking up all the wonderful nature around you. Bees can be difficult to photograph in any circumstance because they move so quickly. Before you can focus on them, they have moved. Poppy petals tend to flutter, flap and quiver with the slightest breeze. It is no wonder that you are having problems getting the perfect shot of the two together – but I have every confidence that you will in the end.


  3. Thank you, Emma. Fortunately, butterflies are gentle creatures and harmless, even if they were bigger than people. I can think of scarier things – like ticks, for example. Really gross. A couple of them recently paid me a visit but I found them before they could fully feast on my blood, and persuaded them to disengage with a few drops of brandy.

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  4. I am pleased that there have been more Lepidopterans around where you live. The numbers of all insects are still generally small here but the variety may be up because of the accidental wilding brought about by the lockdown.

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  5. The Comma is one of my favourite butterflies. Mainly because it was the first “real” butterfly I spotted and identified as a young boy, outside the normal garden butterflies. That backlit photo is a particularly gorgeous shot.

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