Elder flowers in a hedgerow

Daily Walk in Difficult Times 52

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The hedgerows lining the lane by the allotments are rich in variety, and luxuriant in foliage and flower. One reason may be the age of this short by-way. The longer a hedgerow has been in existence, the more species grow in it. It is a known way of aging a hedgerow. On the other hand, it could well have been a dumping ground for garden refuse in the distant past, as indicated by a number of naturalised or garden escape plants. Add to this the run-off from the well-manured allotments that lie up-slope to one side, and the dung-heap accumulating on the arable land of the other side, it is not difficult to see why plants thrive.  One of the common constituent plants of the hedgerow is the Common Elder which is blooming now. I like the way it looks against the sky at the top of the hedge. Quite different from the free-standing untrimmed bushes elsewhere.

P.S. If I have got the ID wrong, please let me know.

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