Newly opened oak tree leaves and flowers

Daily Walk in Difficult Times 41

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Not all days are equal in this lockdown situation. Sometimes it feels like same old, same old, Groundhog Day. Some days the sun is shining and beckoning me outside but some days I just don’t feel like going. Other times I go out for a walk only to find the open spaces are full of everybody else doing the same thing. It’s difficult to keep away from family groups who spread themselves out across the path. I am the one who has to make a wide detour to keep socially distanced. Joggers puff and pant as they pass me by. People want to stand still and talk – endlessly – while I want to walk and make the most of my short break. Do you have a sense that I am getting cabin fever? Maybe. I have been staying at home for 8 weeks now. It gets to the best of us. All this to explain why I didn’t post yesterday. I didn’t feel in the mood.

But here today are some pictures of the opening leaves and flowers on a small oak tree that I photographed the other day. The afternoon was perfect and sunny in a little quiet oasis on the edge of the village, and the new leaves were tiny and crumpled, red and green, as they emerged from the buds. The light shone through the thin blades, and for that moment everything felt wonderful.

11 Replies to “Daily Walk in Difficult Times 41”

  1. I feel the same Jessica. I have tried to get out most days the 1st 0.5 mile is down the road to reach the footpath and the spluttering joggers that are so wrapped up i what they are doing makes that 1st bit of the trip a real worry People walking cross the road to keep their distance from each others jogger don’t. I will be glad when they can go and play in their gym’s. Once on the footpath and down 10 minutes on I can slip under a fence into my “Neverland” .

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  2. Dear Jessica
    I don’t know how I found your blog but it has been such a balm over here in Baltimore

    I have never been to the Downs but as an English teacher it’s a part of the landscape I cherish in my mind’s eye from reading.
    Thank you for sharing your keen eye and candid heart! I’d love to send you a sketch as a thanks for your photographs. If that’s ok send me a mailing address.

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  3. Thanks, Andy. Your “Neverland” looks lovely. Perhaps it will not be too long before you are able to venture further afield in your campervan.


  4. I don’t remember how I found your blog, either, Jessica. It was only a few weeks ago. I am relishing seeing spring unfolding in your part of the world, with all those gorgeous wildflowers and such bright greens. And I love the pattern photos you share, too. I enjoy your eye, and the observations and feelings you share. I feel as constrained as you by current restrictions, but your daily posts bring a spark of gladness and beauty into my world. Thank you.

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