Dock is a common enough British wild plant (Rumex obtusifolius). Most of us remember dock leaves from childhood when we learnt to rub stinging nettle stings with them to dull the pain. I see many around the village on my daily walk during this lockdown. Have you ever wondered why so many have bright red mottled patterns on the leaves? The marks are the result of a virus infection by Ramularia rubella. It probably doesn’t do the dock very much good but I am drawn to the natural colours and patterns it creates. I once did a whole series of macro-photographs of the virus damage done in various samples of the leaves.

10 Replies to “Daily Walk in Difficult Times 25”

  1. Thank you, Lucy. This situation must be so very frustrating for you in particular. Your photographs and observations, since childhood to the present, demonstrate your connection with nature and how important it is for you and everyone else. That is a significant message, particularly right now.

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