12 Replies to “Daily Walk in Difficult Times 13”

  1. So nice to see friends again! I am interested in your honeysuckle. Here we rarely see pink – it is white, and a vine that twines in hedges and bushes, very often. As children we learned how to pull out the middle of the flowers and suck out the sweetness. As for sunflowers, not too far from us they are grown as crops, and I love to see them in fields like this, they look just like your photo.

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  2. Yes, the sunflowers here, I think bird seed, or sometimes they are for human consumption. I don’t know the difference in the flowers, I just love the array of sunniness across the landscape.

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  3. Seeing the fields of sunflowers last year was one of my high points. It was not only so uplifting to see so many bright flowers in a dramatic setting at my favourite place of Rhossili, but it was the first time I had been able to walk the required distance to get there after a lot of prior health problems.

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