Leaves of Cuckoo Pint or Lords and Ladies form swathes around the edges of open spaces in the village and under trees and scrub. They have a very characteristic shape. Often bright green with darker midribs and veins. Sometimes the leaves are splashed with dark purple marks. It wont be long before the flowers appear.

4 Replies to “Daily Walk in Difficult Times 6”

  1. We have had fine big clump of arum maculatum under our old apple tree for many years Leaves very green and very much present at the moment. After flowering it disappears into the undergrowth.

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  2. At the moment I am not sure if all the leaves belong to Arum maculatum. It is possible that some are Arum italicum. the spadix on the only flower to open so far is not purple but greenish.


  3. They can also be called Arum Lilies in Britain. There are two species, Arum maculatum and Arum italicum. I am not sure which one we have here or maybe both until the flowers are fully developed.


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