It seems difficult, if not impossible, to find anywhere remote enough not to have cairns of stacked stones left as mementos of people’s visits. Here, pebbles from the bed of the River Garry, exposed as a temporary beach by low summer flows, has small cairns at every turn. Killicrankie in Scotland.

4 Replies to “Killicrankie Pebble Cairns”

  1. May I quote from the Wikipedia entry for ‘cairn’:

    ‘The building of cairns for recreational purposes along trails, to mark one’s personal passage through the area, can result in an overabundance of rock piles. This distracts from cairns used as genuine navigational guides, and also conflicts with the Leave No Trace ethic. This ethic of outdoor practice advocates for leaving the outdoors undisturbed and in its natural condition.’

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. 😉

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