Reflections in water on a flooded riverbank

Riverbank Reflections Frome SBTL S2

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Reflections in water on a flooded bank of the River Frome at Sculpture by the Lakes in Dorset, January 2020. The margins of the Frome were partially flooded by high river flow, that swirled among the mostly-submerged reeds, creating reflection patterns demonstrating the precise water movement around the obstacles.

2 Replies to “Riverbank Reflections Frome SBTL S2”

  1. I know I’m like a stuck record (and that dates me) but I can’t get enough of these natural abstracts. Lovely photographs.

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  2. Thank you, Hamish. Connecting with nature and being in the fresh air is particularly beneficial right at the moment, don’t you think? It is all a bit stressful but I am lucky to live in a lovely area where it is safe to roam and rarely encounter others.

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