Q is for Queensland. It is a great place. I was lucky enough to spend 6 weeks there in 2011. I wrote 82 posts about the natural wonders I saw and published 832 photographs – a selection of which are shown above.

6 Replies to “Q is for Queensland”

  1. Thanks for your wonderful selection of photos representing your time in our WONDERFUL Queensland.
    I am a Western Australian however spent a fascinating 3 years in QLD walking, birdwatching and generally enjoying nature. My favorite of the photos is in the mangroves. I love the mangrove forests ( as I call them) We used to live in Dampier in W. A. We sailed and camped there with our small children. I went birdwatching and exploring and enjoyed exploring the mangroves clambering over and through the roots. My favourite bird up there was the Mangrove Robin. Now living in Augusta my special treat is to see the White breasted Robin in my garden. I am enjoying your posts. Thanks
    Bye for now,

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  2. Thank you, Deb. I am glad that you enjoyed the pictures and sharing memories with me. I have only visited Queensland but I have just been watching the TV programme Great Australian Rail Journeys with Michael Portillo. The last episode was on the Indian-Pacific train from Adelaide to Perth. It has made me feel that I should think about exploring the other side of the continent.


  3. Thank you, RH. I feel privileged to have seen Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef while it was still moderately Intact. It is now under such threats from climate change. Seems like it could get worse and may never be the same again.

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