7 Replies to “Sand Ripple Studies 1-6 (Weymouth)”

  1. Beautiful!😊 You know Jessica? I have tried to see pattern, inspired of you, in both nature and in water but I can´t see any! You have a very nice eyes to see all the pattern you see!😊

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  2. The contrasting colour combinations are generated by the software. The trick is to experiment with the photographs and find out which images look best with which settings.
    I have a favourite artist called Jan Walker who paints the cliffs along the Jurassic Coast. She also uses that deep blue colour to good effect for highlighting the cracks and crevices that generate shadows in the rocks.

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  3. I looked her up. Wow, what gorgeous work. And I see what you mean about the blue. There are all kinds of connotations for the colors she chooses plus being akin to the natural tones, I really like these.

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