Imaginary seascape

If you look at some things in a particular way, and use your imagination, they can appear to be a very different subject matter to their actual reality. I call this sort of thing accidental art or found art but the phenomenon is also known as a simulacrum. In this series of photographs I captured some combinations of shapes and colours that reminded me of seascapes or coastal scenes, progressing to increasingly colourful abstract forms.

The photographs in this series show details of the scraped-down hulls of yachts under repair in a Swansea boatyard. I thought this picture looked like the rusting hulk of a shipwreck on the beach. There are actually wrecks like this around the nearby Gower coast, although not in a very good state of preservation. Rhossili Bay, for example, has at least two metal wrecks (like the Vennerne and the City of Bristol) in addition to the better known and frequently photographed wooden hull of the Helvetia.

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