Natural water surface pattern and texture

Water Studies (Ham Geo, South Ronaldsay 062018)

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The Ham Geo, near the Tomb of the Eagles on South Ronaldsay in Orkney, is a coastal inlet in which the water of the incoming sea is confined between steep cliff sides and bounces back from the inner shores so that waves are both coming and going at the same time. This creates strange surface water patterns and textures, especially when viewed from a distance high up on the cliff top. Very strong winds on the day of my visit led to a further layer of rippling and foaming. The images have been enhanced (they are not technically sharp and clear as it was difficult to stand upright and keep the camera steady because of the wind), but they give a fair impression of the phenomenon, and seem to look interesting in their own right.

A geo is a narrow inlet of a cliffed coastline, which has developed along a major near-vertical joint or fault in the rock strata. Geos seem to be a frequent feature of Orkney geology.

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