The higher the path climbs, the taller the trees. Now predominantly conifer with the deciduous trees left behind on the lower slopes. Shafts of sunlight shone through the needled skies and the bare trunks. Lichens decorated the deeply patterned and textured bark of standing and fallen trees. Thick mats of soft moss carpeted the hillocks of the forest floor. Glimpses of fast moving red squirrels running round and round the massive firs that formed cathedral like arches overhead.

4 Replies to “Farigaig Forest Walk 2”

  1. Yes, they still survive in odd pockets of relatively undisturbed coniferous woodland. Sometimes in surprising places – like on Brownsea Island in the middle of Poole Harbour in Dorset which is close to where I live. So, I had seen red squirrels before this trip up to the highlands of Scotland.


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