11 Replies to “RC Reflections 6 – 8”

  1. Wow! Very beautiful!😊 I took a picture of a pattern on a plank on the house when we where at Ballingstorp farm with the photo club, and I’m pretty pleased with it. It’s not a special pattern but it seems pretty cool. I thought about you and your picture when I took it.😊 Will publish it later today.

  2. Dear Jessica,
    I appreciate many of your photographs but I think reflections are your best work. I know how hard it is to see these, let alone capture them in the way you do.
    With best wishes,

  3. Thank you, RH. Water reflections and patterns are probably my favourite subject for photography. Maybe I should post some more unaltered water pictures on this site. I tend to digitally enhance most of my water images and post them on my other blog.

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