As I walked along the path by the Regent’s Canal a while back, it was interesting to see the construction work and developments going on. Of particular interest was the development of blocks of flats within the old iron superstructures of defunct gasometers. These originally housed great cylindrical gas tanks which I remember as a common blight on the urban landscape back in the post war years. When the tanks were full they rose to the top of the circular framework. When they were depleted, like they frequently were on a Sunday morning when everyone was cooking their Sunday lunch, they would decrease in height.

Two adjacent gasometer frames are now occupied by high rise buildings, and next to them, a single one has been transformed into a most innovative green space by the design of multiple vertical and horizontal mirrored surfaces, and strategic planting. Quite an oasis of calm in the urban hubbub.

5 Replies to “Gasometer Garden”

  1. I also remember how common those rising gas storage tanks for coal gas were around our cities Southampton still has one, think it great what has been done to keep the one in your post.

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  2. They used to be dotted on the landscape of many towns. I guess they have usually been completely demolished. The use of mirrors in this garden was very clever in creating a space where the minimal planting was magnified and the surroundings were obscured.

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