Some more rocks from Kynance Cove on the Lizard in Cornwall.

Simon Camm in his delightful and informative little book The Geology and Landscape of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (published by Alison Hodge, Penzance, 2016 reprint, ISBN 9 780906 720837) tells us that the Lizard in Cornwall “is a very special area of geological interest, as it comprises rocks rare in the British Isles, and unique in England…. The rocks of the Lizard contain a suite from the earth’s mantle to the crust, formed in the mid-ocean ridges, which are splitting apart”.Β  The serpentinite rocks shown in this post from Kynance Cove are the lowest layer of “ultramafic rocks which form the earth’s mantle of peridotites”.

8 Replies to “Kynance Rocks 2”

  1. I never discovered the caves, Angela. I am sure that they would be full of delights. The brightly coloured pictures were taken in the open air and the rocks being wet made a difference to the colours.


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