These pictures were taken on a single walk across Chesil Beach in Dorset showing items of flotsam washed up onto the pebble drift line by earlier tides, sadly including a dead baby Risso’s Dolphin (featured in an earlier post).

5 Replies to “Flotsam on Pebbles”

  1. It was tragic. The dolphin was so perfect when we found it that we thought it was a large toy. It took a while for it to sink in that it was real. It appeared to have drowned after being caught up in a tangled raft of seaweed. [These pictures were taken some years ago. The washed up plastic rubbish flotsam and the dead animals were as common then as now].

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  2. So sad to see the dead dolphin. I can believe it have been killed by something we humans have caused. Here in Sweden, and sure worldwide, it´s much talk about plastic. We must try to use it more less. I never throw anything in nature, especially plastic I am very careful with. But everywhere you see junk in nature, so sad. Before the aluminum can came, beer and soda cans were made of plain metal. It took care of light, but not aluminum.

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