8 Replies to “Porthmeor Stream 1”

  1. The close up photo, exquisite. And the bigger ones remind me of when I was very young, at a beach for the first time, and noticed how my feet planted in the surf, made the water divert into patterns as the wave ran out. I found that absolutely fascinating, and your photos brought it back to me.


  2. Thank you, Claudia. I am pleased that my pictures brought back memories of your childhood. I have often videoed the changing, moving, water patterns on the beach, and this one shows how the on-shore wind was constantly changing the pattern in the water as it flowed across the sand. You may see a similarity in these types of water pattern to those left in the sand in other images posted here. It is easy to see how the ever-changing water patterns, in both the sea and beach streams, are related to the ripple patterns left on the sand:


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  3. Yes, I’ve noticed the same thing, water leaving a mark on the beach, or bank in my situation, as for me it is creeks that I have in my daily life. I am always amazed at the complexity of natural processes – they are always many layered and with many implications (getting philosophical about it, I guess).


  4. Thank you, Philip. I love the way tidal river mud is shaped and changed with every tide in quite a different way to the waves creating ripples on a beach. I must pay the River Dart a visit. I took some pictures of the drainage landscape in mud when I was up in Hull a few years ago.


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