4 Replies to “Hint of Autumn 10”

  1. Look at that!—a little Leptothrix discophora film clearly visible in the third photo! It’s also visible in the first two, but not as clearly. (I like your idea of taking photographs of the fallen apples in mud. Quite original!)


  2. Well, I never would have noticed that. Thank you for pointing it out. There must have been a fair amount of iron in the soil because it was red in colour, which was especially noticeable in the shallows of the nearby pond (maybe I’ll post some pictures later).


  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if the red you saw in the shallows was iron oxide that iron bacteria, including Leptothrix discophora, have precipitated out of the water. Would love to see the photos of it.


  4. Although I did see distinctly red mud in the area, I discover that I did not photograph it after all. However, I did take pictures of the rusty coloured substrate in the shallow water of the pond, and on closer inspection it would appear to be something organic, maybe decaying algae. I will post pictures tomorrow.


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