Sunlight shining through fronds of seaweed

Seaweeds glistening in the sunlight on wave-washed limestone at Spaniard Rocks (near Burry Holms) at Rhossili on the Gower Peninsula in South Wales. Higher in the intertidal zone all the seaweeds were black and crispy after rapidly drying out, and would only regain their beautiful colours and slitheriness when the tide returns.

Dry seaweed on Spaniard Rocks
Dark dry seaweed on the higher parts of Spaniard Rocks at low tide
Sparkling waves splashing seaweeds on rocks
Sparkling waves splashing seaweed

2 Replies to “Seaweed glistening in the sunlight”

  1. Thank you, John. It must be just a strange illusion because the land you refer to is in fact a small tidal island called Burry Holms, separated by a few metres of watery channel from the Spaniard Rocks and dried seaweed on which I was standing.

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