Rippled Water 7 – 15: Natural patterns of shallow wind-rippled water in sandy pools near the tidal island of Burry Holms, Rhossili, Gower, in South Wales. The original photographs have been colour-modified to highlight the lines of reflected sunlight that trace the surface sculpturing of the water.

4 Replies to “Rippled Water BH 2016b”

  1. Thank you, Judith. The variety of patterns in the water, even when standing in the same place, seems infinite – and each is governed by its own mathematical formula.


  2. There is or used to be a stained glass course at the college in nearby Gorseinon. The students there would benefit from seeing your images. Make sure you patent them!


  3. I did not know about the stained glass course. I was recently contacted by a company in the States wanting to use some of my images for large glass screens in a hospital setting – but I had to decline the offer because in that instance the images were not the right resolution for the job.
    It is rewarding when people ask permission to use my photographs, and many do. I like it when craftsmen and artists are inspired by my work and tell me so; or when scientists of various persuasions see something relevant in my pictures to their research and ask to use the images in publications and conference posters. It is impossible to stop my images being used without authorisation (the world is a big place) – this mostly bothers me when they are being used for commercial gain (I know this has happened) rather than for personal or educational purposes. However, my photographs and artwork are protected as far as possible with a visible copyright label plus an invisible digital watermark by which unauthorised use of the image can be traced online.


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